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Call for Papers: International Seminar "Migrants and Refugees across Europe", April 27-29, 2016


The Centro Altiero Spinelli - Jean Monnet center of excellence (CeAS), University of “Roma Tre” (Italy), and the Research Centre on Identity and Migration Issues (RCIMI), University of Oradea (Romania), jointly organize the
International Seminar Migrants and Refugees across Europe: how to share challenge for a shared world peace, within the project “Pathways to Peace”, with the support, among others, of the Italian Ministry of Education,
Universities and Research.

Given the public policy and security implications of the challanges that Europe is facing nowadays - that is the copious fluxes of migrants, escaping from situations of poverty, war, political and or religious oppression - it becomes
fundamental to rethink of social integration, intercultural dialogue, mutual respect, on one hand, and, on the other, to establish effective measures to prevent and combat illegal immigration fueled by criminal organizations,
as well as responding to terrorism risks connected with conflicts on the south bank of the Mediterranean (Middle-East and African area,
in order to protect/uphold the future of the European project of peace and prosperity.

The seminar will take place in Rome, Italy, April 27-29, 2016

The requirement for taking part to this seminar is the submission of one paper within January, 15th 2016, on the following thematic areas:

- Migrants and refugees crisis, sending transit and receiving countries: experiences & views
- EU and national policies in managing migrants and refugees crisis
- Human rights and minority rights between cultural diversity, social integration and security issues

Complying with the guidelines identified by the ASN Program Committee, the paper should be structured as follows:

Contact information: name, email, postal address and academic affiliation of the applicant.
A 300- to 500-word abstract that includes the title of the paper and the name of the author (shorter or extensive abstracts will not be considered).
A 100-word biographical summary, in narrative form (a text with the length of one paragraph). Standard CVs will not be considered.

The main aim of this initiative is to to analyze the migrants and refugees fluxes that produced a crisis in the EU politics and culture and to produce study materials relevant for the topic; to advance proposals for managing it; and to promote intercultural dialogue on the basis of the shared values and common interests of the Countries involved (sending, transit and receiving). 


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