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EU-Cuba relations enter "historic" new era with landmark agreement


The second visit of Federica Mogherini to Cuba saw her initializing a landmark EU-Cuba "Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement" covering political dialogue, cooperation and trade. After the agreement Mogherini said : "this is a historic step in our relations, this bilateral agreement marks the beginning of a new phase."

After the signing of the agreement at a press conference with Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriquez, she said :"this was an important opportunity to exchange views, develop a better understanding for each other, and enabling us to find common solutions to issues of mutual interest. We have addressed our bilateral relations, regional issues in the Cuban and EU vicinity and global matters of mutual concern, such as migration."

The Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement, she went on, "will mark the beginning of a new phase of the bilateral relations. This contractual arrangement is a landmark demonstration of the improved mutual trust and understanding between us. It creates a clear framework for intensified political dialogue, and a platform for developing joint action and cooperation on global matters in multinational fora."

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