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Conferenza Internazionale "The Implications Of EU Policies For The Integration Of Mobile Citizens”, Bucarest, 16 -18 Maggio 2016


The Romanian Association of International Relations and European Studies and the Centre for European Studies on Human Migrations from the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA) are organizing the International Conference “The Implications Of EU Policies For The Integration Of Mobile Citizens", which will take place in Bucharest on 16 - 18 May 2016 in SNSPA headquarters, 30A Expoziției Boulevard,  sector 1.

This Conference intends to raise awareness upon the subject of mobile citizens’ integration and upon the need of developing a more efficient strategy in order to create real premises for their social and economic integration.

Because of the right to free movement within the EU, we are witnessing an intense internal migration flow, causing a number of challenges at multiple levels: EU, country of residence and country of origin. On the other hand, in the European Union, we cannot speak any more about migrants, but of mobile citizens. Their rights are considered near-equivalent to those that are native citizens, but they also face difficulties when it comes to integration and they have different needs in this regard. After moving in another EU country, the mobile citizens will have to adapt to new institutions, languages and social norms.

The conference is therefore aimed to address topics such as determinants, patterns, and consequences of mobility phenomenon; implications of social policies towards the integration of EU mobile citizens; evaluation of policies that address the integration of EU mobile citizens; multiculturalism and inter-culturalism; European citizenship and European culture; transformation of values and attitudes; the security dimension of the mobility phenomenon and more.

The partecipation to this conference is subject to the submission of a 300-words abstract.

Important dates:
24 April 2016 – deadline for abstract submissions
27 April 2016 – notification of accepted abstracts
8 May 2016 – deadline for full paper submissions

The conference languages are English and Romanian.

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