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Seminario Internazionale "Migrants and Refugees around Europe: how to shape the challenge for a shared world of peace", 27-29 Aprile 2016, Università “Roma Tre”, Roma


The Centro Altiero Spinelli - Jean Monnet centre of excellence (CeAS), University of "Roma Tre" (Italy), and the Research Centre on Identity and Migration Issues (RCIMI), University of Oradea (Romania), jointly organize the International Seminar on: "Migrants and Refugees around Europe: how to shape the challenge for a shared world of peace", which will take place on 27-29 April  2016 at the University “Roma Tre”, Rome. 

The Seminar will be held within the project “Pathways to Peace”, with the support, among others, of the Italian  Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.

Main objectives of the Seminar are: 
- to analyze the migrants and refugees fluxes that produced a crisis in the EU politics and culture and to produce study materials relevant for the topic; to advance proposals for managing it; and to promote intercultural dialogue on the basis of the shared values and common interests of the Countries involved (sending, transit and receiving).

Expected outcomes are: 
- establishing “face to face dialogues” among institutional and political representatives as well as non-political and civil society actors, including scholars and experts, situated both in the sending, transit and receiving countries, in order to define a comprehensive view of the process, if not shared, at least, mutually knowledgeable and aware of the differences among the parts; 
- delivering proposals to European institutions, mainly to the European Commission, (DG Migration and Home Affairs) and to the European Parliament, on the basis of an analytical knowledge and a thorough understanding of the nature, dimension and far reaching implications of the phenomenon as well as its consequences on the future of all the region; 
- mobilizing the Academia, NGOs, Media and the public opinion promoting an active, informed and responsible debate about national and EU policies on the field;
- defending value-based approaches as part of the process of managing the crisis, with regard not only to its emergency aspects, but also to its development prospects, by giving shape to an agreed Charter on Common Values and Principles, and making efforts for its implementation at local, national and European level.

Abstracts on any of the following thematic areas need to be submitted:
- Migrants and refugees crisis, sending transit and receiving countries: experiences & views 
- EU and national policies in managing migrants and refugees crisis
- Human rights and minority rights between cultural diversity, social integration and security issues

Selected contributions and the following seminar’s proceedings will be, after a peers review, published in a volume within the monographs series “Quaderni del Centro Altiero Spinelli” (http://www.centrospinelli.eu). 
Further, and in the alternative, single contributions will be made available on line and/or published, after a peers review, in a special issues of the journal “La cittadinanza europea” edited by CeAS (http://www.centrospinelli.eu), and in the “Journal for Identity and Migration Studies” of University of Oradea (http://www.jims.e-migration.ro), both indexed in international data bases.

No more than one paper is allowed.

Deadline: by January, 15th, 2016 at the latest.

Only selected and accepted papers will be considered for presentation during the Seminar.

Only selected papers allow an invitation to assist to the Seminar.

Further information about the evenyt in the link below.

Full programme of the Seminar in the file attached.


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Programma del Seminario Internazionale "Migrants and Refugees around Europe: how to shape the challenge for a shared world of peace", 27-29 Aprile 2016

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